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We stand for family. We stand for sustainability.

At Emco + Poro we create comfy, long-lasting and super cute clothes that are ethically and sustainably made. We believe that by educating our children about the importance of taking care of the planet and investing in slow fashion we can leave a positive footprint behind for their generation, and the generations to come.

Designed in Dubbo and handmade in Sydney, every piece is lovingly designed and created by mothers for their children. Our clothes are to be cherished and passed down to generations to come, ending the relentless cycle of children’s fast fashion.


Why Linen?

It looks fantastic, it's easy to care for, its durable (more durable than cotton) and it’s earth friendly!

But we don’t just use linen, we also use a range of beautiful, ethical and sustainable fabrics such as Australian Merino Wool, Organic Cotton, Tencel.

We want to make sure Emco & Poro clothes stand the testament of time, and this means selecting the best fabrics and materials. As an extra bonus, your little munchkins will be super comfy in their agile and breathable Emco & Poro outfit.



A LITTLE ABOUT OUR FABRICS Originally, EmCo + PoRo Linen Kids was going to be only linen (hence the name) because, I just value it, it fits well with my business plan criteria and earth sustainability choices and well, it is just so totally freaking awesome. But I decided it might not be a sustainable business choice to limit myself ONLY to linen when there...

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The Pretty Side I’m a lover of all things fashion. I cannot deny it for a second.I don’t think you can classify me as  ‘cool’ or ‘funky’ or even ‘trendy’ in the fashion world.  I just have an overall appreciation of this art we call fashion. It’s the fabrics and the prints. It’s the glitz and the glamour, the glossy magazines. It’s the models. I just...

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Hand Me Downs

Hand Me Downs

             HAND ME DOWNSIt occurred to me, after I had a ten year break from having children and then went back for more, (yes there is a chance I'm a little crazy) that no one gives hand me downs anymore. I mean where are the big green garbage bags, full of clothes that have been through 5 kids already and...

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We proudly donate 2% of all sales to Beyond Blue, an incredible not-for-profit supporting Australians with anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.