The Pretty Side
I’m a lover of all things fashion. I cannot deny it for a second.
I don’t think you can classify me as  ‘cool’ or ‘funky’ or even ‘trendy’ in the fashion world.  I just have an overall appreciation of this art we call fashion. It’s the fabrics and the prints. It’s the glitz and the glamour, the glossy magazines. It’s the models. I just love to follow it all, and indulge in it.

The Down Side

So I guess with everything we do, we have a tendency to leave a footprint on our planet. Sometimes it’s a good one. Sometimes, not! The fashion industry in all its glitz and glamour does tend to focus on comfortable and trendy. It focuses on fast fashion and getting out new trends quickly and in the most cost efficient way to the businesses producing it. Even at the detriment of our planet and all us cuties in it.

The Stats

This is the serious stuff. The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, exceeded only by the oil and gas industry. The average Aussie will buy roughly 27kg of textiles in a year, with roughly 85 percent of that being discarded as landfill. Approximately 66 percent of that landfill is made up of synthetic and plastic fibres that won’t ever decompose. Canada produces enough clothing waste to fill a 60 000 seat stadium 3 times!
And then there is the dyeing of fabrics. Currently around 20 percent of harsh chemicals used for printing fabrics end up in water bodies adjacent to production hubs in developing countries. Textile dye is the second largest water polluter in the world.
At EmCo + PoRo Linen Kids we are constantly searching for fabrics that offer eco-friendly dyes and we choose digital print over hand dyeing for our own printed fabrics.

The Bit About ‘Sustainability’

So if you’re wondering why the word ‘sustainability’ is getting about a lot now? This is why! We can make a difference. We can buy products that consist of less plastic and that can be composted at its end life and be made useful. All our clothing at EmCo + PoRo Linen Kids ( is not only super damn cute), is made from 100% natural fibres for this reason.  So that instead of ending up as landfill, we can be as earth friendly as possible and turn them into compost.
You too can help! It’s not about changing everything we all do overnight (although that would be a very promising outcome for ours and our kids’ future). It’s about everyday making one small conscious decision at a time to make a difference. And it can start with your next purchase.
Will it end up as landfill or will it be recycled?

EmCo + PoRo Linen Kids xx

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