The Emco Poro Story

We’ve all gone through a period of self discovery. And fashion is a way you can communicate what you find. For me, it was that I was freshly divorced, with two kids at 28. Some outfits made me feel stronger than I felt. Others helped me talk about my pain. But ultimately, fashion gave me the strength to be me again. You’ve probably experienced something similar, right? And we want the same thing for our kids too. We want them to be confident and stop trying to ‘fit in’. We want them to attract meaningful and lasting relationships where they can completely be themselves. We want them to find their voice and teach them to use fashion as a platform to feel empowered and dress to impress themselves. And that is why I started EmCo + PoRo. Not to follow trends or mindsets, but to help your little one build the confidence and the courage they need to be themselves. Your little one will learn in those precious early years to express themselves through fashion, respect themselves through fashion and above all, be impressed with themselves in fashion.

More about what is said

I want to take them all
~ kate ~
Even better in person than in the pictures
~ Sally ~
Can you pleease do adults sizes too..
~ Erin ~