All our products are made ethically, and over 90% of our products are 100% Australian made. How I stand on sustainability is a bit like you. When I see something I love, I just want to buy it and until recent times haven’t really regarded where or how this garment has come about or the impact it has had on the environment.

More recently though and with increased awareness, a big focus for me has been where my clothes come from and learning that the fashion industry is one of the highest polluters in the world.

At EmCo + PoRo we use all natural fibers. Linen, Liberty of London tana lawn cotton, tencel, merino to name a couple. Those more traditional types that are kind to kids skin and can be composted at their end life. Where possible, we try to use fabrics derived from natural dyes, dyes that are safe if distributed into water channels or companies that responsibly reduce the impact that dyes have on the environment. 

Every day we will be making more effort to make sure we are doing our bit to not leave a footprint on our planet. So your purchase with us is unexpectedly even more meaningful, valuable and purposeful.